The assembling of two or more glass sheets with interposition among them of a plastic laminated film after having been adequately treated in autoclave is called STRATIFIED GLASS.

Italmatic autoclaves are designed to assure lamination of flat and curved glass, with main plastic films (PVB , EVA, CentryGlass), decorating materials (tissues, fibers, etc.), structural materials (polycarbonate, aluminum, photovoltaic cells) available in the market.

Reliability of thermodynamics, given by an efficient design of the autoclave, assures conformity of cycles in autoclave, allowing to reach and keep high quality standards of the product, even with applications in high thickness like bulletproof glass and/or blast-proof glass.

Italmatic option HST

To be able to find the presence of not of Nickel sulphide, it is necessary inducing an artificial aging of sheets before they are used: to do this it is necessary using a oven or an autoclave able to reach a temperature of 290°C to carry out Heat-Soak Test